Friday, November 27, 2015

Sewing Machine for Quilters

Get over the stereotype!

Admit it, you've seen somebody quilting and thought: "That's stuff only grannies would do". Technically yes, stereotypes do suggest that grannies are synonymous with quilting, however, it isn't half as dull as it is made out to be on TV. Today, we'll introduce you to speed demons that will force you to throw away your sewing needles and never look at sewing the same way again; these sewing machines for quilters will make your job quick, fun and clean as a professional.

Why consider quilting?

That's simple, quilting is a great way to satisfy your 'Artistic inner self' and you can produce intricate patterns and beautiful motifs with great ease. It's like artwork for your bed, and you can be your own Picasso! Cut down on costs, not on creativity! Another important factor is the fortune you will save off not having go buy new quilts from a store, which are over-priced and most of the cost is the middle man's cut. If you make your own quilts then you pay just for the material that goes into making your quilt and the one-time cost of procuring a good sewing machine for quilters (they aren't too expensive).

What to look for

Every sewing machine is not the same, you can't hope for the same experience if you try your hand at quilting with a general use sewing machine. To get the real feel of quilting, you need a specialized, purpose built sewing machine for quilters, and here's why:

· These sewing machines are usually smaller and built for one handed operation.

· They feature ergonomic designs to facilitate use for extended periods of time.

· Quilting machines are built from light weight plastics to ease in their use but still be sturdy enough to survive a fall.

· Variety of pre-programmed stitch selection modes.

These features help make quilting a less formidable challenge, allowing a mere novice to excel at this art, which makes for a great morale booster and helps you pave your way to becoming a bona fide expert!

What we recommend

We have been hard at work, looking up a number of sewing machines for quilters, comparing their performance, price and features offered. After a thorough study and meticulous research, we found the perfect models for experts and starters alike.

Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine:

Arguably one of the most affordable sewing machines for quilters available in the market and a great choice for learners, simple, elegant and incredibly powerful, the Brother XL2600I boasts a host of features that are limited to this model in this price range.

· Free-arm sewing machine with 25 built-in stitches, each with multiple stitch functions; a blessing for novices and everyday sewing projects around the house.

· Features a needle threader, thread cutter, drop-in bobbin loading, and auto bobbin winding and 1-step auto-size buttonholer.

· The 110-volt machine operates with foot pedal; light bulb for workspace illumination ensures that every stitch is a perfect stitch.

· Accessory storage built into the free arm; includes 5 accessory presser feet and bilingual user's manual, offering instructions in English and Spanish.

· Measures 12-1/4 inches long by 7-3/4 inches wide by 9-3/5 inches high; limited 25-year warranty

Customer Feedback:

Here's what a satisfied customer from Pittsburgh, USA had to say about the Brother XL2600I on Amazon:

"I purchased this machine as a gift for my college aged daughter. She loves it! She claims its "AWESOME". It does everything she wants it to do plus its simple to use and understand..."

Brother CS6000i Sew Advance Sew Affordable 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine:

This one's a real demon, a real sewing machine for quilters and at a pretty decent price too! The Brother CS6000i has enough features to keep you satisfied for a lifetime (possibly more), if you think we're bluffing, just take a look!

· A wide variety of built-in utility, decorative and heirloom stitches, each with multiple stitch functions

· LCD screen with computerized stitch selection

· 7 styles of 1-step, auto-size buttonholes

· Super-wide (7mm) zigzag and decorative stitches

· Automatic needle threading

· Built-in thread cutter

· Variable needle position

· Fast, automatic bobbin winding

· 1-step bobbin replacement with quick-set drop-in bobbin

· Quilting features included

· One-touch start/stop/reverse operations

· Operates with or without foot control

· Drop feed for free motion quilting. Create free-form or traditional quilt patterns

· Sew fleece, elastic and other stretchy fabrics with the built-in stretch stitches

· Use the built-in decorative stitches to embellish clothing, pillows, towels and more. Perfect for creating crazy quilt designs

· Create delicate family treasures using the built-in heirloom stitches

· Free arm/flatbed convertible sewing surface

· Accessories for zipper insertion, darning, twin-needle stitching and button sewing

· Built-in accessory storage

· Electronic speed adjustment allows you to choose the most comfortable sewing speed for your project

· Quick change presser feet

· Stitch width and length control

· Adjustable thread tension control

· Safety power and light switch