Friday, November 27, 2015

Sewing Machine Repair

To repair a sewing machine has never been easier, thanks to sewing machine repair manuals available in shops and over the internet. What is important is to be able to choose the best sewing machine repair manual. Let's examine these manuals and what you should keep an eye out for.

These sewing machine repair manuals are essential whether you are mechanically minded or not. They will cover the various marques and models of sewing machines and their peculiarities. Whether you're looking for a manual for your own home machine or to start up a repair business, you must understand the various working parts of specific machines.

The following topics are essential to any sewing machine repair manual. These tips for finding the best manual will help anyone considering taking up a sewing machine repair business. If the manual doesn't cover them, forget it.

1.It must cover how to thread all varieties of sewing machine and demonstrate how to wind the bobbin and choose the right needle for the model.

2.The sewing machine repair manual must clearly explain how to clean and lubricate different models in the correct manner. Without this knowledge, you're asking for trouble in the future.

3.It must explicitly set out how to check and test all the parts of the machine for wear and tear (and breakages). It should also show how to detect mechanical problems like unusual noises, threads breaking, needles breaking, inconsistent stitching, stiching skip and so on. Make sure it also explains the underlying reasons for such problems.

4.Ensure your sewing machine repair manual covers how to align and straighten needle and presser bars. Check it shows how to level presser foots on all marques, and preferably models too.

5.It should demonstrate how to check and repair lights, motors, wiring and controls across the whole machine.

6.You will need to learn how to correctly time the needle bar. It is essential. It must also show you how to time the hook or shuttle and the feed mechanism with its various parts. If you master this, your repaired sewing machine should sew any material with ease and impress customers no end. Trust me, I know just how much customers are blown away by this.

7.The sewing machine repair manual must tell you how to set the tension across all marques. This is particularly important if you are thinking about starting a sewing machine repair business. The guide should also give guidance on realistic charges for your services.

8.Number eight is pretty important. A good guide will provide lists of where to source and buy wholesale sewing machine parts. This proves that the guide has come from someone who knows what he's talking about.

Sewing machine repair is a boom business in 2008, mainly in the US but also in Europe. Schools and other educational institutions are vigorously promoting sewing as a life skill. Consequently, repairers proficient in servicing and mending sewing machines are in high demand. As a part time job, based at home, many repairers are earning well in excess of $40,000. That depends on location and marketing, but just think that a moderately used sewing machine will need servicing once a year, while those involved in heavy use will require servicing at least 4 times a year.